Mobility Equipment

Since our move recently to new premises, we are now able to stock a small range of mobility equipment. Supplied by Roma Medical, we have a small stock of 'wheeled mobility equipment'.

We have a range of wheelchairs - we offer both self propel (with large rear wheels) and a transit wheelchairs (those with small wheels front and back, which you will need a helper to push you). We have some that are crash tested (which are ideal for use in a wheelchair access vehicle), some that are lightweight and suit a range of budgets.

We also stock a number of scooters. These range from a 4mph pavement scooter which can be broken down into its various components, making it easier to lift and stow into a vehicle (should you not have a wheelchair access vehicle or a wheelchair hoist). We then have those that are 6mph or 8mph - these are much larger scooters (which although can be used on a road or pavement) and can also be broken down into smaller pieces for easier transportation. If though you find it difficult to bend and lift, it may be worthwhile thinking of a wheelchair access vehicle to transport your scooter or wheelchair in - we can help you with that.

There are a variety of mobility walkers, such as rollators and tri-walkers available from £35, these are ideal for around the house or taking a short walk to the shop. Some provide you with a seat to sit on and take a rest. They also come with storage compartments for any bits of shopping or supplies you may need whilst out and about. We do stock lightweight zimmer frames and wheeled tray carriers for around the home.

All our prices exclude VAT, we ask that you complete a VAT exemption form before purchasing any of our mobility products.