Can Blue Badge holders park anywhere?

Short answer: No!

People can use a blue badge in any car, it doesn’t have to specifically be a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAVE), but even when you are using a specially adapted car, it doesn’t mean you can simply park anywhere.


One of the biggest problems is parking on double yellow lines, which although a blue badge does allow this, it should only be done if you’re not causing an obstruction or any danger to anyone.

Also, it’s for on-street parking only. It doesn’t mean you are entitled to free parking on council or private car parks, so always check. Very often disability vehicles will have separate and more accessible parking available, but don’t assume this is the case.

Yellow lines

As already stated, it’s possible to park on double yellow lines, but it’s also possible to park on single yellow lines. The rules state, however, that you should only park when and where safe to do so, and not within 15 metres of a junction. Nor should you park where there are restrictions on loading or unloading.

Where there are yellow lines in “off-street” car parks (often seen in private developments), you do not have the right to park there, again, unless stated clearly on signs nearby.

Pay and display

You can park in on-street pay and display zones without a time limit unless there are other traffic orders specifying a time limit. Again, check signs.

Disabled bays

On-street disabled bays are the preferred place to park if you can as these are usually specially designed to be out of the way of traffic, close to the pavement and generally safer for all road users.

Unless the sign says otherwise, you can park without a time limit.

Council owned car parks

Many council owned car parks have disabled parking bays, so you can use your blue badge and park there, however it does not automatically entitle you to free parking, so check local signs.

You should also make sure you park within the bay, and display your Blue Badge clearly.